10: Garfield Plus Penultimate Beat Panel

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Garfield Plus Penultimate Beat Panel
Garfield Plus Penultimate Beat Panel.png
Made by: Andrew Shellshear


The first of many strips experimenting with beat panels, this one starts simple. Only one beat panel is added, right before the punchline - to many, it makes the strip funnier.

The author writes:[edit]

The silent beat panel is a classic trope of comic strips, simulating the comedic pause before the delivery of a punchline. It can get clichéd, but sometimes it really works to make the joke funnier.

You could make an argument that Garfield, compressed as it is into 3 hectic and often over-wordy panels, probably doesn't use them enough.

Original strip from 1996-05-02.


Jon: My credit cards are missing.

Jon: Garfield, have you seen my credit cards?

Garfield: No.

{Silent beat panel, where Jon sees Garfield standing in a flashy suit and shoes.}

Jon: And, nice suit.

Garfield: It's Italian.