11: Garfield on a Neutron Star

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Garfield on a Neutron Star
(Yes, it's supposed to be like this and your monitor is probably fine)
Garfield on a Neutron Star.png
Made by: David Morgan-Mar


A neutron star is essentially the result of a massive star collapsing during a Type II, Ib, or Ic supernova. More to the point, they are the densest and tiniest stars in the universe - they are only 10 km (6 mi), but are much more massive than the Sun.

Thus, a Garfield strip following similar rules would be squashed beyond readability.

The author writes:[edit]

Original strip from 2003-02-12.

Transcript (unofficial)[edit]

Jon: This day is gone, Garfield.

Garfield: I thought it would never leave.

Jon: We can't relive it.

Garfield: Relive "boring"?

Jon: It's gone forever.

Garfield: Lock the door in case it wants to come back.


  • There is no official transcript for this strip (though one has been provided above).