12: The Garfield & Poochie Show

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The Garfield & Poochie Show
The Garfield & Poochie Show.png
Made by: David Morgan-Mar


The most obvious change here is that Odie has been replaced with Poochie, a short-lived character on The Simpsons' show-within-a-show Itchy & Scratchy. In the episode "The Itchy & Scratchy & Poochie Show", he is added to the cast as part of an attempt to make the series relevant again, but is ill-received and killed off in his second appearance.

Getting back to the comic, it also adds a sound effect in the second panel to illustrate Garfield eating Poochie's food. This was not in the original, and (as the author's note points out) makes the strip a little too confusing.

The author writes:[edit]

The original strip (2004-08-31) is kind of weird. Odie is clearly reacting to something in the second panel, but without a sound effect it's not at all clear what it is. This strip just seems to work better with a sound effect. And Poochie, of course.


{Poochie stands next to a bowl of food, labelled "Poochie"}
{Poochie walks away casually}
SFX: Munch Munch
{Poochie races back to his bowl, now empty}
Garfield: {mouth full} Tooooooooo late.