1493: Fair (Dinkum) Root of Minus Garfield

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Fair (Dinkum) Root of Minus Garfield
Fair (Dinkum) Root of Minus Garfield.png
Made by: Manyhills


This comic is filled with Australian (or "Aussie") stereotypes; let's dissect them in order, shall we? (You don't get any say in this matter, but whatever.)

  • First off, the entire strip is upside down because Australia is in the southern hemisphere, and thus experiences seasons directly opposite of the Northern hemisphere (where most of the world lives). It's also flipped to the side, but that doesn't really correspond to any stereotype.
  • Garfield is wearing a cork hat, which have become the stereotype of the uncultured Australian (or "ocker").
  • When Jon asks why there is a hole in the door, Garfield simply replies "Tall poppy syndrome" - put simply, a state where a person of genuine merit is attacked out of jealousy for their talent. Australians helped make this a known thing: it is said that they only get offended when someone starts acting superior, like Nermal here.
  • As for the title, "fair dinkum" is Aussie slang for something true or genuine.
  • The author's note includes a reference to "root", accompanied by a written snicker. In Aussie slang, "root" is a milder substitute for "f***".

Speaking of the author's note, it mentions a 1988 strip that confuses him, as it corresponds to an Australian way of speaking but apparently associates them with archaeology.

The author writes:[edit]

Part 2 in a very occasional series. I considered just running the 1988-07-03 strip unedited but you get this instead. What is the deal with that one, though - is there some stereotype that Australians are particularly associated with archaeology?

Also: 'root' *titter*.

Original strip: 2008-05-31.


{Garfield is wearing a hat with corks dangling from it}

Nermal: Don't hate me because I'm cute.

{There is a Nermal-shaped hole in the door}

Jon: Garfield, what happened to the door?

Garfield: Tall poppy syndrome.

{The entire strip is upside-down}

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