1545: Mook

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Made by: Nyperold


The alien that replaces Jon here is a Mook from the Mother video game series. It's most likely intended to reference EarthBound, the second game in the series and (for a long time) the only one officially released in the West. The choice of a Mook was inspired by Garfield's line "Mon't mook at meef.", but as a happy coincidence, certain varieties of Mooks can drop PSI Caramels, making them a perfect fit for a comic concerning caramels.

The author writes:[edit]

Original strip: 1981-11-11.

Clay Mook from the Earthbound (Mother) series, from the Nintendo Wiki.


Mook: Oh, Garfield
Mook: What happened to my candy caramels?
Garfield: Mon't mook at meef.