1549: Backfield Minus Back

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Backfield Minus Back
Backfield Minus Back.png
Made by: D. Gates


This take on "Backfield" changes the joke somewhat drastically. In the original, a four-word phrase was awkwardly jammed into three panels. "Backfield" trimmed it to three words so it would fit. Here, though, the humor is derived from the snail's words not fitting, preserving the notion that it's slow.

The author writes:[edit]

The original crammed a four-word phrase into three panels. Backfield improved it by substituting a three-word phrase. Then I thought to myself, "Is a four-panel punchline in a three-panel strip a problem... or an opportunity?"

Original strip: 2005-03-14.


Garfield: Snails are slow.

Snail: You

Snail: take

Snail: that