154: Garf-life

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Made by: Manyhills


In broad terms, half-life is the amount of time it takes for something to a quantity to half its value. It is usually used in the context of unstable atoms undergoing radioactive decay - a part of nuclear studies, not quantum studies, as it is implied here. (The author's note has an excuse - this was the most relevant Garfield strip he could find.)

Thus, this strip has been altered to fit this subject matter - it is halved every few moments, and the half is halved, and so on until nothing is left - upon which it restarts.

The author writes:[edit]

I originally searched for strips with 'atom', 'nucleus' or 'decay' in them, but there was nothing relevant. Imagine my surprise, therefore, that I was able to turn something up for 'quantum'! I don't think half-life necessarily counts as a quantum topic, but it was good enough for me."

Original strip: 1997-09-08.


TV: Welcome to "Quantum Physics And You".
SFX: click, click, click {Garfield desperately changes the channel}
Garfield: Whoa! Look out!
Garfield: Whew! I almost saw something worthwhile.