156: Square Root of Negative Garfield

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Square Root of Negative Garfield
Square Root of Negative Garfield.png
Made by: Henning Makholm


The choice of comic (or perhaps the choice of processing) is undoubtedly based on Jon's last line, "Complex little creatures, aren't they?"

Mention of the "throwaway first row" is a reference to the row in Sunday strips containing the title image and a panel that doesn't strictly need to be there for the sake of the joke, in case one publication or another needs to throw it away. The author of this strip chose to dispose of it for his purposes.

The author writes:[edit]

Okay, this is just silly.

I first inverted the pixel values within each panel, producing a photonegative effect. Then I applied the complex square root function as a coordinate transform.

Original strip from 2002-06-23, minus throwaway first row. (Throwing it away is what it's for, right?)


Jon: It's Garfield!
Garfield: Oh sure, lay the pressure on me!
Garfield: Do you realize all the responsibility that is attendant to being Garfield?!
Garfield: The eating of food?! The taking of naps?! The kicking of Odie?!
Garfield: Why can't I be you?... All carefree and silly?
SFX: {Garfield does a bizarre dance} hyuh! hyuh! hyuh!
Jon: Complex little creatures, aren't they?