1602: Dialogue Swap: English vs. Spanish

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Dialogue Swap: English vs. Spanish
Dialogue Swap English vs. Spanish.png
Made by: NES Boy


This might get a little complicated. Bear with me.

Put simply, when the original two strips were published in Spanish, their respective dialogue was swapped, resulting in a mismatch with the action. This edit switches all four around - the Spanish strips have the correct dialogue, while the English strips now have the wrong ones.

The author writes:[edit]

Work this out for yourself: Which language-specific dialogue is correct? Which is wrong?

Original strips: 2010-04-21 (and Spanish), 2010-04-23 (and Spanish).


{Strip 1: English}
Jon: Nobody ever visits my blog... It's too dull.
Jon: I guess nobody wants to read about an ordinary guy and his cat.
Jon: Time to make stuff up!
Garfield: Give me an eye patch and a goatee!
{Strip 1: Spanish}
Jon: No he tenido una sola visita a mi "blog".
Jon: ¡Pensarias que le gente estaria interesada en lo que tengo que decir!
Jon: ¡Bien, lo estarán!
Garfield: ¿Hace sol en la tierra de Jon?
{Strip 2: English}
Jon: I haven't had a single hit on my blog.
Jon: You'd think people would be interested in what I have to say!
Jon: Well, they would!
Garfield: Is it sunny in Jonland today?
{Strip 2: Spanish}
Jon: Nadie visita mi "blog"... Es muy aburrido.
Jon: Creo que nadie quiere leer acerca de un tipo común y su gato.
Jon: ¡Hora de inventar!
Garfield: ¡Ponme un parche en el ojo y una perilla!