1649: Mega Garfield's Planet

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Mega Garfield's Planet
Mega Garfield's Planet.png
Made by: NES Boy


In the Mega Man series of video games, the titular protagonist typically must fight 8 bosses (or "Robot Masters") in order to finish the game, and after defeating one he copies their weapon for his own use. Most of the games show a screen indicating the name of the weapon, usually beginning with "You Got..." Certain bosses also hold Rush adapters, which help Mega Man get through the stages. (Do note that, contrary to the transcript, it is never said that someone is actually saying "You Got...".)

Here, a strip involving Garfield asking for donations of objects has one of these screens (specifically, one from the fourth game) edited in. (Of minor note: The Rush Marine adapter is one of the most useless upgrades in the entire series, thus making the result doubly useless from Garfield's perspective.)

The author writes:[edit]

I decided to adapt a standard Mega Man staple for this strip. This particular sequence comes from Mega Man 4 for the Nintendo Entertainment System.

Original strip: 2005-06-20.


Garfield: Welcome to my planet!

Garfield: Feel free to give me things.!

Rush: You got Rush marine adaptor.

Garfield: Edible things.