1838: Garfield in LA

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Garfield in LA
Garfield in LA.png
Made by: Lubaf


The city of Los Angeles, California, the second most populous one in America, is infamous for having an air pollution problem, often manifesting as smog. This comic references this - while the original strip was simply a joke about Garfield not being able to stand the outdoors, the modified version is a straighter joke at the expense of LA (though the author's note softens it a little). The newly-added quotes around the word "fresh" only cement this.

The author writes:[edit]

To be fair, the air's not quite that bad in LA... usually. There's probably a large wildfire going on.

Original strip: 2014-02-06 .


{Jon is at the door. Smog filters through}
Other side of door: Cough! Gasp! Wheeze! HACK!
{Jon opens the door, letting both Garfield and the smog that's thick enough to obstruct visibility}
Jon: Okay, come in!
Garfield: Enough with the "fresh" air.