1844: Grammy-Winning Garfield

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Grammy-Winning Garfield
Grammy-Winning Garfield.png
Made by: Negative N


The singer in the last panel is "Lorde", the stage name for Ella Yelich-O'Connor. Her 2013 single "Royals" became a hit, being named as one of the best songs of the year by several publications and winning a Grammy (as the title suggests). More to the point of the comic, a section of the song's chorus has the background singers go "aroo" no less than three times in succession. Thus, with an existing Garfield strip already containing the word, this was likely inevitable.

The author writes:[edit]

I was inadvertently reminded of "Royals."

Original strip: 2014-01-15.


Odie: Arooooooo!

Jon: Arooooooo!

Garfield: Arooooooo!

Lorde: Arooooooo!


  • The original strip section of the author's note was originally blank. It got filled in some time after the strip was published.