19: Garfield Divided by Garfield

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Garfield Divided by Garfield
Garfield Divided by Garfield 19.png
Made by: John Wallace


Not to be confused with the author's earlier comic "Garfield Divided by Garfield", this one takes more of a surrealist route: while Garfield is still replaced by a 1 (again: anything divided by itself equals 1), he turns into a 62 and freaks out Jon... somehow. (In the original, he freaked out because Garfield showed him one of his hairs during shedding season.)

The author writes:[edit]

Original strip from 2003-08-08.


{Garfield is a number 1}
Jon: I'm going to lose it!
{Garfield becomes a number 62, which freaks Jon out.}
Jon: {running away} YAAAHH!