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The Guardian is a British broadsheet newspaper, founded in 1821. It became infamous for ubiquitous typos in its text, so much that it got the nickname The Grauniad from the satirical magazine Private Eye. (Interestingly, "grauniad.co.uk" redirects to the Guardian's website, implying that they have accepted this nickname with a good heart.) Thus, the Garfield strip shown here is altered to feature a blatant misspelling on the newspaper Garfield is resting under - "JORNAL". As a further extension of this joke, the author's note is also riddled with spelling errors.

As another thing to note, the title is colored and spaced to match The Guardian's logo.

The author writes:[edit]

The Guardian is a British braodsheet newspaper. It is notorous for the nmuber of mispirnts that snuck into its text, eaning it the nickname "The Grauniad". This porbelm has thankfuly abated in recent yaers.

Orginal strip: 1986-09-04


{Garfield is lying under a newspaper. The headline on the paper reads "JORNAL".}

Garfield: I'm homesick. I think I'll use my natural, uncanny sense of direction to find my way home.


Garfield: If I can find my way out of this newspaper.


  • This comic is the only strip in the entire archive to have a colored title.