24: Garfield meets mezzacotta

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Garfield meets mezzacotta
Garfield meets mezzacotta.png
Made by: Pieter


This is the Garfield strip from 08-11-2000 with Jon replaced with a character from the mezzacotta strip on the same date (though, since every mezzacotta strip is computer-generated, it was obviously not made on said date). Her facial expressions fit Jon's dialogue surprisingly well.

The author writes:[edit]

The Garfield comic and the mezzacotta comic are both from August 11, 2000.


Character 22: I saw a woman at the mall today with a big tattoo of a bowling ball on her leg.
Character 22: She wore an eye patch, and was carrying an iguana.
Garfield: You asked her out, didn't you?
Character 22: Shot me down like a one-winged duck.