256: It's an Old, Old World

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It's an Old, Old World
It's an Old, Old World.png
Made by: Nottoostupid


The original strip was published on New Year's Day in 1995, and as such had repeated references to a "new X". This comic reverses them all into "old X", as well as altering the title panel to create the surreal idea that the new year never came to pass, and 1994 somehow reoccurred. The punchline is also slightly altered - "same Jon" becomes "dumb Jon".

The title is a reference to "It's a Small World" (or, as its infamously catchy song goes, "It's a Small, Small World").

The author writes:[edit]

Original strip: 1995-01-01.


Jon: Garfield! Wake up!

Jon: Come on, Garfield! Time's wasting!

Jon: It's a Old Year, pal. Time for a old start!

Jon: There's a old world out there with old challenges!

Jon: And it's all mine!

Jon: Tallyho!!

{Jon opens a door and a closet full of junk falls on him.}

Garfield: Old Year, old start, old world, dumb Jon.