27: Garfield Meets Zeus

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Garfield Meets Zeus
Garfield Meets Zeus.png
Made by: Colin Foster


In ancient Greek religion, Zeus was the head of Mount Olympus and the ruler of all other gods. In modern times, he's often depicted throwing lightning bolts at people (like Garfield here). The whole joke, of course, is that "dog" and "god" are easily switched around.

The author writes:[edit]

The number of "Beware of Dog"-sign jokes in the Garfield archives is staggering. I decided getting the obvious joke out of the way would be fun.

Original strip: 2005-05-05.


{Garfield looking a a sign}
Sign: Beware of God
{Garfield is struck by lightning}
Garfield: {severely damaged, and with smoke coming off him} That sign was somewhat understated.