2: Garfield Plus Garfield

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Garfield Plus Garfield
Garfield Plus Garfield.png
Made by: David Morgan-Mar


The first few strips were fairly simple edits - for example, this strip simply adds another Garfield, altering the dialogue to match. The title, obviously, is the inverse of Garfield Minus Garfield, which partly inspired SRoMG. Another, more subtle change is that a typo in the original strip has been fixed (originally, the last line was written as "the the fridge").

A curious thing to note is that despite the presence of two Garfields (who are apparently a hive mind), only one is shown think-speaking.

The author writes:[edit]

Original strip from 2008-11-15.


Jon: Garfield, all I think about is Liz...
Jon: I can't think about anything else.
Garfields: We know what you mean...
Garfields: We can't get our minds off that ham in the fridge.

Later references[edit]

  • #1275 edits this strip as a satire of syndication cuts.