3057: Test Results

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Test Results
Made by: Badsy the Edgecat


In the original Garfield strip, Liz has a paper with Garfield's test results, but there's some sort of error that says Garfield's blood is twenty percent marinara sauce. Garfield asks Liz how his cheese levels are.

Here, the paper with Garfield's test results says that he has no pulse, and Garfield's colors have been inverted along with his thought bubble, and Garfield has an evil looking grin on his face. Luckily the mortals cannot strike this Garfield down.

The author writes:[edit]

Original strip: 2017-06-09 .


Liz: I have Garfield's test results...
Liz: But I think there's some sort of error.
{Garfield's colors have been inverted, he has an angry look on his face, and his speech bubble has likewise been inverted}
Liz: It says he has no pulse.
Garfield: You mortals cannot strike me down.