335: Garfield Linux Garfield

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Garfield Linux Garfield
Garfield Linux Garfield.png
Made by: Henning Makholm


The third "Garfield [rhymes with 'minus'] Garfield" strip has Garfield transforming into Tux, the penguin mascot of the Linux kernel. With the previous entry in the series centering around the kernel's creator, this was a natural progression.

The author writes:[edit]

Strip #332 is followed naturally by this. (And no, Garfield Tux Garfield would be a boring title.)

Original strip: 2001-11-28.


Jon: {reading newspaper while Garfield sits nearby} The world is constantly changing.

{Garfield is replaced by Tux the penguin.}

Garfield: {reappearing} They haven't stopped making frozen pudding pops, have they?