3: Recursive Garfield

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Recursive Garfield
Recursive Garfield.png
Made by: David Atwell


Benoît Mandelbrot (1924 - 2010) was a famous mathematician who developed a "theory of roughness" in nature and fractal geometry. He also coined the term "fractal" and discovered a set of intricate, infinite fractal shapes, which were then named the Mandelbrot set.

The original strip had Jon running away from a surplus of rice; here, he is outrunning a fractal set. (He says "Too much Mandelbrot!", however, which is something of a non-sequitur.) This has the side effect of making Garfield eating the substance in the last panel look out of place.

The author writes:[edit]

I created this strip on Benoît Mandelbrot's birthday, 20 November.

Original strip from 2008-11-18.


Jon: {running} Too much Mandelbrot!

{Jon is swept away in a tide of fractal patterns as Garfield watches nonchalantly}

Garfield: {eating the fractals with a spoon} There's no such thing.