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Made by: John Wallace


As the author's note explains, this is a reference to Dinosaur Comics, which uses the exact same panel layout for every strip, with only the dialogue changed. The font is also changed to Lucida Console, the font used by Dinosaur Comics.

The strip Jon and Garfield are talking about is the April 1st, 2005 one.

The author writes:[edit]

This is based upon the basic concept of Dinosaur Comics, where the same art is used in every strip and only the dialogue changes. I got to wondering: what if Garfield only ever used the art of its first strip and only changed the dialogue? Note that I used the traditional Dinosaur Comics dialogue font, Lucida Console.

The art is taken from the June 19, 1978, strip, and the dialogue is a retelling of the events of the April 1, 2005, strip.


Jon: I have a funny story about a pizza I ordered last week.

Garfield: I'll tell you what was funny about it: no anchovies.

Jon: My cat somehow ate it before it arrived!

Garfield: I have friends in high places.