511: Garfield Plus 88 mph

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Garfield Plus 88 mph
Garfield Plus 88 mph.png
Made by: Martin Nixon


The original strip was from October 25th, 1985 - which, in the chronology of the Back to the Future movies, was the date that Dr. Emmett Brown first tested his DeLorean time machine (which, as the title alludes to, must get up to 88 miles per hour in order to actually time travel). This edit replaces the giant yarnball in the last panel with said car, and the author's notes recreates Brown and Marty McFly's conversation immediately after the DeLorean first vanishes (with the former's dog inside).

The author writes:[edit]

Jon: "Jesus Christ Garfield, you disintegrated Nermal!" Garfield: "Calm down Jon, I didn't disintegrate anything. The molecular structure of both Nermal and the car are completely intact!"

Original strip from 1985-10-25, the day that Dr Emmett Brown first successfully tested his time machine.


Garfield: You don't have to play with that pathetic little ball of yarn, Nermal. I'll get my personal ball of yarn for you.
Nermal: How nice!
(The deLorean time machine flies through the air, sans flight modifications, towards the back of Nermal's head)
Nermal: Maybe Garfield likes me after all!