512: Drugs Will Ruin Your Brain

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Drugs Will Ruin Your Brain
Drugs Will Ruin Your Brain.png
Made by: David Morgan-Mar


This comic points out a possible continuity error in Garfield (strange as that may sound) - a strip in 1978 shows Garfield smoking Jon's pipe, yet another one two years later has Garfield referring to smoking as if he hadn't ever done it. The title and author's notes imply the substance in the pipe induced brain damage that, in turn, caused him to forget this event.

The author writes:[edit]

I don't know what Garfield was smoking in 1978, but it certainly did something to his memory.

Catnip, maybe?

Original strips: 1978-07-27, 1981-05-01.


Caption: 1978:

Jon: Now where could my pipe be?

{Garfield is smoking Jon's pipe}

Jon: Garfield!!

Caption: 1981:

Garfield: I eat too much, I sleep too much and I don't exercise at all.

Garfield: There's certainly room for improvement.

Garfield: I think I'll take up smoking.