549: The Bayeaux Garfield

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The Bayeaux Garfield
The Bayeaux Garfield.png
Made by: Jeff Rients


This comic recreates one specific strip with the Historic Tale Construction Kit (presumably because of the spell-themed dialogue) to create a comic that looks like it was made in medieval times (ala the webcomic Bayeaux Rhythms).

The author writes:[edit]

Recreations of a strip using the Historic Tale Construction Kit* and inspired by the webcomic Bayeaux Rhythms*. The stand-in for Liz's examination table is apparently some sort of medieval stove, hence the licking flames at the bottom.

Original strip: 1990-05-31.

  • These links were both outdated and replaced in this version.


Jon: You have the most bewitching eyes.

Jon: They cast a spell on me.

Liz: Well it's not working.

Jon: How come?

Liz: You're not a slug yet.