612: Jon's Punishment

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Jon's Punishment
Jon's Punishment.png
Made by: Morbror Oa


This strip replaces Garfield with The Punisher, and judging by the gunfire, he is already doling out punishment in the form of headshots... which Jon is surprisingly resilient against.

The Punisher's pose here is taken from the cover of The Amazing Spider-Man #129, where he debuted.

The author mentions nearly making this a crossover with Heathcliff before changing his(?) mind.

Finally, "Riverdale" is a reference to the Archie comics, specifically to the crossover Archie Meets the Punisher.

The author writes:[edit]

This almost became a Square Root of Minus Heathcliff strip. But it seems it eventually became a Garfield Minus Heathcliff Plus The Punisher strip... or something. Good thing he didn't stay too long in Riverdale.

Original strip: 2003-06-30.


Jon: I firmly believe you were put here to punish me.
The Punisher: Not only that.
{Odie's tongue sticks out from a coffee pot.}
The Punisher: I was put here to punish dogs, too.
Jon: Odie?