646: Cold Call

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Cold Call
Cold Call.png
Made by: tudza


In the original strip, Garfield provides the punchline in the last panel - "Nobody owns a cat." Here, he is absent, giving the strip as Jon bluntly tells someone he doesn't own a cat. Not much more to it than that.

A cold call is a call made to someone whom the caller has not met, usually by a business -- or scam artist. In this case, the caller asks if Jon owns a cat, a question which is likely enough to be answered "yes" by the average person, given the frequency of pet ownership and how often at least one of these pets is a cat. As such, the caller is usually able to find someone who might be interested in his or her good or service involving cats. However, this technique also fails occasionally.

The author writes:[edit]

Original strip: 11-18-2010 .


Jon: {answering phone} Hello?
Jon: Do I own a cat?
Jon: No.