768: Yecch!

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Made by: Manyhills


This image imitates the fold-ins seen in every issue of Mad magazine. As is shown here, each one shows an image (often somewhat abstract) and a question, which the reader must fold back so that points A and B match, at which point the answer becomes apparent. Usually, the answer is completely different from what you would expect. (On a side note, every one begins with "Here we go with another ridiculous MAD Fold-In, which this version duly mirrors.)

A very rough approximation of the folded image.

Manyhills' take on the formula is a decent example of this in action: folding the image back reveals that Garfield is thinking "What me worry?", the catchphrase of the magazine's mascot Alfred E. Neuman. The title is another Mad in-joke - "yecch!" was one of its many repeated phrases.

In the author's note, Manyhills reveals that he hasn't really read MAD, as it is apparently uncommon in Britain, but knows all of these things through cultural osmosis - the indirect infusion of cultural knowledge.

The author writes:[edit]

Obviously I would prefer it if you actually printed it out and folded it in real life. I didn't, I just used the GIMP. But still.

I've read, ooh, one issue of MAD Magazine ever? I'm not sure anywhere sells it in the UK. But it's cultural osmosis, innit.

Original strip: 2007-01-05 .


Title: What is Garfield really thinking?
Title: Here we go with another ridiculous Garfield Fold-In
Title: Everyone's favourite cat may appear at first sight overly paranoid, but what are the actual thoughts of this fretful feline? To find out, fold the page as shown.
Garfield: What a strange world this is!
Garfield: Full of so many dangers... can I be blamed
Garfield: if it makes me a bit wary?