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Garfield Stanton Friedman Garfield
Garfield Stanton Friedman Garfield.png
Made by: Michael Halila


Stanton Friedman is a professional Ufologist and the original civilian investigator of the [[Roswell UFO incident|Roswell incident]. The second panel involves him, a UFO, and Garfield wearing strange glasses (presumably tying into a conspiracy theorist sterotype of some sort). Of course, the main point of the strip is that the "constantly changing" formula has degraded into total nonsense, as Garfield's confused stare at the end makes rather obvious.

The author writes:[edit]

Has anyone else noticed that these strips don't make any sense any more?

Original strips: 2006-12-08

and 2001-11-28.


Jon: The world is constantly changing.
{Jon is replaced by Stanton Friedman.}