7: Mystical Garfield

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Mystical Garfield
Mystical Garfield.png
Made by: David Morgan-Mar


It appears that Garfield is attending a hermeticism course. Hermeticism is a religion involving magic. The "Law of Contagion" he mentions is the belief that if two beings or objects touch one another, then they share a magical link unless a banishing act (i.e. an exorcism) is performed to destroy it.

With this in mind, it's likely that Garfield is cutting off Jon's hair to form a link, presumably to annoy him more than he already does.

The author writes:[edit]

The idea of Garfield studying hermetic magic just appeals to me.

Original strip from 1990-02-16.


{Garfield sneaks up behind Jon.}

{Garfield snips a lock of Jon's hair.}

SFX: Snip!

Garfield: {walking off with the hair} My Hermetic Magic course is up to the Law of Contagion...