9: Colour-Averaged Garfield: 2007

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Colour-Averaged Garfield: 2007
Colour-Averaged Garfield 2007.png
Made by: David McLeish


McLeish here has averaged the color values of every non-Sunday Garfield comic from 2007. The results end up indicative of the strip's repetitive nature, as Garfield and Jon tend to stand in the exact same spot, and the dialogue and panels are always set up in the exact same way.

The author writes:[edit]

This is the result of averaging the colour values at each pixel for every regular (non-Sunday) Garfield strip from 2007. Buried in the blur you can notice some interesting features:

  • The absolutely static 3-panel structure with a borderless panel in the middle.
  • Jon tends to stand on the left and Garfield on the right.
  • The dialogue is always lined up exactly in the same vertical location.


  • There is no transcript for this comic.