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mezzacotta is a "brand" of various webcomics created by the Comics Irregulars (headed by David-Morgan Marr, creator of Irregular Webcomic!), including Square Root of Minus Garfield. It is ostensibly for all "the half-baked ideas [we] come up with"; indeed, "mezza cotta" is Italian for "half-baked".

The webcomics contained within mezzacotta are:

  • mezzacotta proper: a randomly-generated strip with archives supposedly stretching back to before the creation of the universe (see the first one here).
  • Irregular Webcomic!: a primarily LEGO-based strip with subject matter reaching from Dungeons & Dragons to Indiana Jones knockoffs to Steve Irwin knock-offs. It predates and inspired the Comics Irregulars (and thus, mezzacotta).
  • Lightning Made of Owls: a comic with various characters and a host of different settings and art styles; the characters have only one specific identifying feature, encouraging this sort of creativity.
  • Comments on a Postcard: no comic, just a broken image link and an author's note. It's up to the readers' imaginations to wonder what the strip was. (The creator of this wiki has a page here, by the way.)
  • Awkward Fumbles: people submit artwork, and other people submit dialogue for it. Updated irregularly for its first year of existence, then took a four-year hiatus between 2010 and 2014.