8: Mix-n-Match Recaption Garfield

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Mix-n-Match Recaption Garfield
Mix-n-Match Recaption Garfield.png
Made by: David Morgan-Mar


There's not much to say about this one. David took three panels from three random strips (the first from the first, second from the second, and third from the third), stitched them together, and changed their dialogue. The result becomes a story about Garfield trying to eat a sycamore nut (which is infamous for its inedible status).

The author writes:[edit]

The idea here was to grab three Garfield strips at random, one after the other. Take the first panel from the fist one, the second from the second, and the third from the third. Then recaption them to make a comic. These are the three strips that were chosen at random:

And there was no cheating.


SFX: BURRRRR {Jon is startled by a loud sound}

Jon: Good lord, Garfield, I thought that was a chainsaw ripping through a tree! But it's just you eating.

SFX: Slorp! Slup! {Garfield is eating with his face buried in his bowl.}

SFX: Poo {Garfield spits out something}

Garfield: Sycamore nut.