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Welcome to SRoMG Explained!

Explaining Square Root of Minus Garfield, one strip at a time.

Mission Statement

This wiki will explain every strip of the webcomic Square Root of Minus Garfield. Many strips are dependent on references, and they're often quite esoteric. Hopefully, this wiki will clear things up. To get started, see the List of all comics. For existing explanations, see Category:Comics

Featured Article (updated infrequently)

Read about the curious debacle of 1693: Web Affair at that page.

Did you know...

  • ...that SRoMG has been going for ten years as of now?
  • ...that this wiki has been around for five years?


  • Regular contributor manyhills has taken over from David Morgan-Mar's position of queuing submissions. Due to this, the email address to send comics has changed. All submissions now go to
  • In wiki news, the license of the wiki has been changed to CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 -- the same one SRoMG uses, which under its conditions means that it is completely legal to post the actual comics here.