1693: Web Affair

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Web Affair
Web Affair.png
Made by: Cody


For a person whose only exposure to mezzacotta is SRoMG, this strip may be baffling. Where's Garfield? Who's this poorly-drawn professor guy? And why is there no author's note? The answer requires knowledge of both the other strips on mezzacotta and SRoMG's history.

You see, Ambrose (the professor's name) is actually a character from another mezzacotta feature, called Lightning Made of Owls. To find the real SRoMG strip, you have to find that site's strip for January 6, 2014 - 604: The Problem with Webcomic Buffers, also by Cody.

The Problem with Webcomic Buffers.png

This strip has Jon talking about accidentally rerunning one of his own strips because he screwed up with his webcomic buffer (with a panel from an older SRoMG to hammer in the point). Yes, the strips for SRoMG and LMoO were intentionally switched as a reference to the "Cat Memes" debacle (in short: that strip was accidentally featured again six days after its initial release, and had to be replaced with "Violence-Free Garfield"). An interestingly meta concept, but one that may prove to be very confusing.

The author writes:[edit]

(Note: "Web Affair" has no author's note, as per many LMoO strips. "The Problem with Webcomic Buffers", however, does:)

You could say this is based on something that previously happened on the site.

Original strip: 1996-10-12.


For The Problem with Webcomic Buffers:
Jon: {sitting in front of a computer} I made a buffering error on my webcomic.
Jon: I accidentally added in one of my older strips.
{a frame from an old Square Root of Minus Garfield strip:}
Jon: Garfield, I'd like to have a few choice words with you about this mess.

For Web Affair:
Ambrose: Today I'll be explaining all about internal combustion.
Ambrose: {to audience} What are you doing here? You weren't supposed to see this until next week!