1595: Violence-Free Garfield

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Violence-Free Garfield
Violence-Free Garfield.png
Made by: DanielBT


This comic is a tribute to the practice of censoring cartoons (usually Looney Tunes, as this page will attest to) in reruns. In the original strip, Garfield repeatedly beats up Jon to get his way - first slapping him with the menu, then hitting him over the head, then finally throwing a glass of water in his face. This one removes the panels depicting said actions, and while it's obvious that cuts were made the strip's story is surprisingly still somewhat coherent.

The long opening panel, according to the author's notes, is a reference to the title cards used on CBS' The Bugs Bunny/Road Runner Show and ABC's The Bugs Bunny and Tweety Show from 1985 to 1989, which the author preferred over the title cards used for the remainder of the latter show's run. (Also note that the author, like many others, mistakenly spells the series' name as Looney Toons.)

The author writes:[edit]

My tribute to all those Animes and Looney Toons that were edited to reduce the amount of onscreen violence. The remarkable thing was that even though obvious cuts were made so you could see the seams in the editing, you could still enjoy the episodes. The opening for this comic is inspired by those "strobe" openings for the Looney Toons shorts that I much vastly preferred to the Bugs Bunny 50th Anniversary logo before the title.

Origina strip: 1981-09-06 .


Jon: I'll have a steak, fries and a large cola.

Jon: And my cat here will have an order of lasagna.

Jon: Make that a double order.

Jon: Perhaps a triple order.

Jon: Heck with it. Give him the whole pan.

Garfield: And give it wings.