22: Garfield-Star Runner

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Garfield-Star Runner
Garfield-Star Runner.png
Made by: Matt Albrecht


This strip refers to the Homestar Runner series of Flash animations, which has a number of characters who lack visible arms (most notably the titular athlete). Matt has done the same to Garfield and Odie here (making Garfield's comment about Odie being peculiar somewhat ironic).

The author writes:[edit]

This one was inspired by the Homestar Runner cast, which has characters whose features often include a lack of visible arms.

Original strip from 2004-05-18.


Garfield: {without arms} Sometimes I like to make Odie feel special!

Garfield: {to Odie, who also has no forelegs} Odie, there's nobody as peculiar as you are.

{Odie pleased, tongue out, tail wagging}